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Paris fashion design school. What to wear to a fashion show.

Paris Fashion Design School

paris fashion design school

    fashion design

  • Fashion design is the art of the application of design and [[aesthetics]or natural beauty] to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place.
  • (Fashion Designing) Is a profession for all those people who like to take the above defined seriously.Requires drive and unrelenting passion to understand the nuances of science,art and mathematics put together to make and stylize clothes.
  • The art dedicated to the creation of wearing apparel and lifestyle


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  • A large group of fish or sea mammals
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paris fashion design school – From Paris

From Paris to Providence, Fashion, Art and the Tirocchi Dressmakers' Shop, 1915-1947
From Paris to Providence, Fashion, Art and the Tirocchi Dressmakers' Shop, 1915-1947
In their elegant Providence Shop, Italian emigre sisters Anna and Laura Tirocchi sold French couture clothing to an elite clientele. The shop, remained virtually untouched from 1947 until 1990, when RISD Museum curators were given their choice of its contents, which included apparel by Paul Poiret, Lucien Lelong, and dresses in the style of Madeleine Vionnet. All reflect the advent of modernism in the Paris art world of 1920s and 30s, when designers, painters and printmakers were collaborating as never before to create fashion. From “Paris to Providence” catalogues these efforts with beautiful illustrations and six essays that examine the era’s social and art-historical issues.

2009 designed by IFA Paris BA in Fashion Design

2009 designed by IFA Paris BA in Fashion Design

IFA Paris is a French fashion school established in Shanghai since 2002, it prides itself in being the first Sino-French joint venture in fashion education to be approved by the Chinese government. Today, it has become the leading fashion design school in China and the only one that proves its dedication to fashion by using the best professional instructors from France; offering Bachelor’s and Master’s programs and counting over 800 students.
As for our French campus, Through its alliance with AICP (Academie Internationale de Coupe de Paris), IFA Paris is able to take advantage of an ancient tradition in pattern making & draping, dating back to 1830. While IFA Paris’ primary focus is on design, looking at both Parisian and international styles and trends, AICP has, in itself, also contributed to the fashion world by developing its own method of patternmaking and draping. The campus finds itself located in Paris’ 15th arrondisement.
The alliance of IFA Paris and AICP rely on the vast experience of its Academic Committee, composed exclusively of the most respected professionals from France’s leading haute couture and ready-to-wear houses including Yves Saint-Laurent’s Manager of Pattern Making and John Galliano’s Manager of Women’s Collections.

IFA Paris provides a perfect partnership of East and West, by placing one of our colleges in Shanghai, we allow our students to soak up the Eastern fashion environment while still providing students with all the characteristics of a French fashion education, with the best in French instructors. Through our international and cutting edge curriculum we help students to strive towards their dream job wherever that may be in the World.

Fashion Design #1

Fashion Design #1
A Friends design for her Fashion Design TAFE course which i helped out with the photos!
—-> Army Theme
paris fashion design school

paris fashion design school

I Love Lucy - The Complete Fifth Season
It’s I Love Lucy’s fifth hilarious season, as Lucy manages to find trouble in Hollywood, Manhattan, Paris, London, Rome, and everywhere in between. Before leaving Tinseltown, Lucy bags the ultimate souvenir—John Wayne’s cement footprints from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre! Then, on board the train back to New York, Lucy can’t resist adding a few unscheduled stops—courtesy of the train’s all-too-convenient emergency brake cord. Next, Lucy goes to extremes to catch a luxury ocean liner when it sets sail for Europe with Ricky and the Mertzes aboard—but with Lucy still on the dock. On the Continent, Lucy’s madcap escapades include getting thrown in a Parisian jail, modeling a French “designer” potato sack, causing an Alpine avalanche, hitting an accidental jackpot in Monte Carlo, and—in one of TV’s funniest scenes ever—soaking up a whole lot of “local color” in an Italian grape-stomping vat!

I Love Lucy: The Complete Fifth Season finds Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) making an international mess out of husband Ricky’s globe-trotting tour as an entertainer. Beginning with “Lucy Visits Grauman’s” and “Lucy and John Wayne,” the impulsive redhead risks Ricky’s sanity in Hollywood by stealing a cement slab, from the famous entrance to Grauman’s Chinese Theater, that contains the imprint of John Wayne’s footprints and signature. In the tradition of superstars playing themselves on I Love Lucy, an exasperated (and very funny) Wayne gets into the act over and over and over again, making new imprints on multiple slabs because Lucy keeps messing up the results. After more shenanigans in Los Angeles (Lucy attends a ritzy party with a dummy substituting for her unavailable husband) and a disastrous train ride home, it’s time to jeopardize Ricky’s success during an interview show that ends disastrously.
Lucy’s fifth season travel theme continues when Ricky and his band are booked on a European tour that does not include his wife or the Mertzes. Of course, that doesn’t stop the determined Lucy (or Ethel), who schemes her way into Ricky’s plans, only to have a number of snafus arise as she tries to leave the country. In the I Love Lucy tradition, entire episodes are written around such simple matters as trying to get a passport, or helping with Fred’s fear of getting seasick while traveling. All this show’s stars really need is a ridiculous, open-ended situation to exploit, and the comedy flows from there. “Bon Voyage” is a particularly funny episode in which Lucy gets left behind by the European-bound ship carrying Ricky and the others, and she has to find a way to get back aboard. The hilarious “Lucy and the Queen” finds her angling in London for a way to meet the Royal Family after Ricky is invited to say hello at the Palladium. From there, Lucy creates chaos in Scotland (this episode includes a memorable dream sequence in which Ricky appears as Scotty MacTavish MacDougal MacCardo), Paris (where she and Ethel plot to meet guest star and good sport Charles Boyer at an outdoor cafe), Rome (the outstanding “Lucy’s Italian Movie” finds her dispatched to a vineyard, where she has to crush grapes–brilliantly–with her feet). Lots of special features, including a behind-the-scenes peek and bloopers. –Tom Keogh